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About Reverend Ryugen Watanabe, Osho

(Swami Premananda)

      Reverend Ryugen Watanabe, also known as Swami Premananda, founder of Kanzeonji Non-Sectarian Buddhist Temple, is the 62nd Patriarch (counting from Bodhidharma) in his line of transmission in the Soto Zen Buddhist tradition. He is a Master of Tantra Yoga, Abbot of Kanzeonji Temple in Mount Washington, Los Angeles. He also holds the title of "Swami" and is founder of the Siva Ashram Yoga Center where he provides spiritual instructions and teachings. Reverend Watanabe received inspiration from Kanzeon Bosatsu, the Buddha of Compassion, to bring the teaching and practice of the East to the United States.